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Summer 2019 Essentials: Which Were my Favourite Beauty and Skincare Products?

Summer just passed and that means that the days get shorter, soon school is going to start people come back into the city and everything starts to be more dynamic. For me, summer is the moment when I look back into my year, just like I start over every time the fall comes.

For sure the beauty and skincare products are not excused from my review of the year so I wanted to show you some of my most used products from the previous month and also the ones that come with me in the colder season.


Speaking about body products I have to say that I am not very into the subject. I am not that big of a fan of testing new body products all the time like I do with face products, so whenever I find something that I like, I stick with it.

This summer I used so much this Piz Buin spray with SPF and sparkly particles. You can find this I believe pretty much everywhere, I bought mine from a supermarket. The reason why I like this so much is the light texture of it and obviously the golden sparkles. I never get tanned, since I was a child all my friends where much darker than me after a day of staying in the sun so these golden sparkles help me a little bit to get a more summery skin.

This body cream is from Sabon and the only thing that I want to say is that it smells like heaven! I know, I know, perfume isn’t the best think to use on your skin but to be honest I’m not going to make a big deal if it is in body products. I do try to avid perfume in my skincare, but let’s not exaggerate. The smell will stay a long time and also the jelly texture makes it perfect for summer.


As I try many products, I can tell you also many products that I liked, but to keep it simple, I decided to choose only 3 for this top.

Sun protection is very important not just during the summer but all year around. One of my favourites is the Avene mineral SPF 50 one. First of all, I try as much as possible to use mineral sunscreen on my face, but this has some downsides… As it is a mineral sunscreen it leaves a white film on your face so if you are like me, already very pale, you will look even whiter. This is a little annoying when it comes to taking pictures. I also like about it the fact that it didn’t make my face go crazy as it is a noncomedogenic one so if you have acne prone skin like me you can give it a try!

Cicapair by Dr Jart is a relatively recent addition to my skincare routine. There are many reasons why I am so in love with this product. Being green in the jar it can be a little intimidating, I understand that, but when it comes in contact with your skin it becomes your skin colour. It has a calming effect perfect for irritated areas but it also covers a little bit the imperfections that you might have. It also has SPF in it so you are even more protected from the sun and they claim on the site that it helps to protect your skin from the dust , during the day and it is enriched with sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium to help hydrate the skin.

Moisture Surge from Clinique is one of my favourite products from a long time now. I showed it on my instagram page in videos and different posts because I am a really big fan of this product. As I have oily skin in the T zone and depending on my eating habits or the climate, the time of the month and many other things my skin can get worse. The fact that this cream has a jelly texture it makes it perfect for my skin. It is enriched with antioxidants, aloe water and hyaluronic acid and it also doesn’t contain perfume if that is your thing.


find it here

Technology is a big part of our life now, so I had to include it in this summer essentials top. Fore Espada played a big part in dealing with my pimples lately. Yes, I don’t have a big problem with acne, but I do get some pimples from time to time and even though I use other products, this device also helps to get rid of the pimples by using a blue light technology and T-Sonic pulsations. The great thing about it is that it is waterproof and that the battery lasts so much, I am pretty sure that I charge mine once a year.


Make Up is one of my biggest passions and I think I try a new product pretty much every week. Of course, there are products that I fall in love with and products that don’t make the cut, but about the ones that I don’t like I will not speak about now. I want to share with you 4 make up products that I think can help you to creat a fresh and summery look.

This summer I think was the first summer when I did’t wear foundation for weeks. I mainly used my Cicapair, which gives you a little bit of colour but also the Erborian CC Cream in the shade Clair. In the tube, the cream is white but as you rub it into the skin it turns out the skin’s colour. Clair is the lightest colour that they have, but for me it is still a little bit too dark, so I am sure that I will not be able to use it in the winter time when I get even more pale. It also has SPF 25, and it contains tiger grass and it calms and hydrates the skin.

Summer is not summer without a bronzer. The bronzer from Essence is not new to me. It comes in 2 shades, I use the “lighter skin” one and something that I love about it is the coconut smell that gives me summer vibes. It is also very affordable and the pan size is very big and you can find it at most of the drugstores but even online.

The Too Faced blush Peach My Cheeks in the shade Peach Berry is one of my most used products lately. I use it everyday. I always apply a little bit of blush on my nose also, so I can create the illusion of a slight sunburn, as it looks more natural in the summer. It has the specific smell of the Peach collection from Too Faced and the texture is somewhere between powder and cream which makes it to look more natural on the skin. You can find it at Sephora.

Now let me say this: I was never a big fan of gloss. That being said, I wanted to give it a try again, as I said, I try many products and I love experimenting. I fell in love with this  Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in the shade 465 SHOCK, I have it since winer but I never really used it until now. This gloss traveled with me everywhere!


find it here

The Tangle Teezer. It is just this year that I have decided to try this product. It turns out that I made a great decision, it truly is a great hair brush and I love it so much because of the shape, it is really comfortable in the hand, it is travel freindly and also it works great on wet or dry hair. I’ve got mine from Sephora, if you want to give it a try.

We came to an end… Here it is my top of Summer Essentials, I hope that I helped you in some way or maybe I gave you some ideas of new things to try if you are like me, always trying new products. See you next time!

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