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3 Skincare Mistakes That You Might be Doing

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has become a very popular thing lately. People use it at the beach, as a moisturizer for the body, as a hair treatment, they cook with it and they use it on their face. There are people that truly believe that this product is a general problem solver and they use it religiously in anything and for everything. Now the truth might be a little bit different, and I do want to refer mainly at the coconut oil used in your skin regimen. The molecules of coconut oil are too big to do anything to your skin other than clogging your pores and at the end of the day the only thing that an oil usually does is to seal everything that you have applied prior. But again, if you want to use an oil, it is better to use a face oil, you can find them easily and one example is Marula oil. There are people that can use coconut oil on their faces and not get clogged pores and acne, but why risk it?

2. Using a face spray to “seal” your skincare routine

I’m sure you have seen this one frequently all over the internet: people using some face spray, rose waters whatever at the en of their skincare routine to “add a little moisture”. There is this series on Harper’s Bazaar Go To Bed With Me that I enjoy very much watching where celebs come to share with us their night skincare routine and I have seen a couple doing this thing there too. Everything about this way of using the product is wrong. You are just waisting a maybe expensive product and the only thing you might get is some aromatherapy. The order of your products should go from the thinnest to the thickest, that means that you are starting with the liquids and end with oils, otherwise you will not get the benefits from your products as they are not able to penetrate the skin.

3. Spot Treatments and moisturising creams

Now this is one debatable thing… I have seen many people using spot treatments before applying their moisturiser and there are many people saying that this is the right way of doing it. In my opinion is more logical to use a spot treatment after using a moisturiser so it will stay “on the spot”, using it before all that you are doing is to spread the spot treatment allover your face so most probably it will not be as effective as it should be.

Here are my main 3 skincare mistakes that I wanted to share with you, if you would like to debate the subject more I am open to start a conversation on the comment section or why not dm me or email me your questions. I have also posted a video on my IGTV where I spoke about other 3 skincare mistakes that you might be doing and that I have done in the past but unfortunately this one is in romanian. See you next time!

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