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What is The Correct Order For Your Skincare Routine?

Like in fashion, in the beauty industry there are many trends and they are constantly evolving. Some of these trends are a complete failure, and they are wasting our money, time and also our products. But even worse, they can damage our skin.

This is the reason why you should know some basics about skincare so you can enjoy your products, not waste your money on marketing campaigns and at the same time take care of your skin.

You know that trend, especially on Instagram I have seen it, when at the end of your skincare routine you are using a facial spray? Well, this is just a trend, as I have called it in the beginning, you are not getting any benefits from it for your skin, at most you are enjoying an aromatherapy. This is just one example of what I want to clarify in this article, so if you are interested in the topic, keen on reading.

The order in which you are using your skincare products it’s essential in creating an efficient skincare regimen. As you may already know, there are products with different consistencies, lighter ones, like serums and toners and heavier one, like moisturising creams and oils. The correct way to think about the order in which you are supposed to use your products it’s from the thinnest to thickest. If you are using a thinner product, like he facial spray that I have mentioned earlier, at the end of your routine, that products can’t penetrate through the think products that you have applied before, therefore it will never reach your skin.

Now let’s break down the major skincare product categories and see what they are good for and how we are supposed to use them.


Whether you are or you are not wearing make-up, cleansing your face in the morning and before you go to bed it’s crucial. Now I will not get into how to cleanse your face properly and so on, but the first step and the most important one is to cleanse your face before going to bet with a cleanser that is suited for your skin type and that does not strip your skin and in the morning, if you feel like your skin it’s not very oily, just with some water.


Around me, people tend to think that the toner is not a very important step in their skincare routine, I have many friends that either have never heard about a toner or an essence either they have misconceptions about it and they believe that it contains alcohol that is going to damage their skin. If you are not one of these people and you want to incorporate a toner in your skincare routine, then you need to use it in the correct order, right after you have cleansed your face.

There are different types of toners, for different needs, like exfoliation, hydration and so on. You know best what your skin needs. One of the main benefits about a toner is that it brings back your pH level. Whether this is important or not it’s still debatable in the beauty industry.

Now maybe you are wondering what is an essence? Well an essence it’s also a very thin product that can be used after you have washed your face. It becomes a more popular product these days and it is designed to help with various skin issues like irritation, wrinkles and others. The way you apply this is with your hands. You pour some product in the palm of your hands and you gently press it into your skin.


After the previous steps, next in your skincare routine would be serums. If I should recommend you something is to not skip serums and to pair them with a good moisturiser and a clean face.

Serums contain active ingredients and the consistency of the product it’s rather thin and it’s molecules are very small so it can penetrate the skin.

Since they contain active ingredients, they are focusing on different skin issues like acne, wrinkles, dry skin, dehydration, pores.

When choosing a serum it is very important to know what skin issues you are dealing with and what are the best actives to use so you can improve the situation. Also it is very important how you are using them as some of the actives are very sensitive to water and some, like Hyaluronic Acid, need water. Some actives are not supposed to be used together with other types of actives, so this is another thing to keep in mind when you are creating your skin regimen.


My advice regarding moisturisers is to choose a simple one that suits your skin type and that does the job for you.

There are three types of creams: occlusive, humectants and emollient.

The one that has an occlusive role helps to maintain the hydration that you already have in your skin.

Humectants are used to help absorbing the water from the inside to the outside of the skin.

Last but not least, the emollient ones are protecting and softening your skin.

Now, because I used to deal with oily skin in my teenage years, I know that of you are dealing with the same issue you are not keen on using a cream. What I can suggest you is to use a gel one, that it has a lighter texture. It is very important to no skit this step in your skincare routine.

Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is known to be the thinnest and the most sensitive skin. Because of this, it is crucial to be very careful with it and to not avoid irritation and to be gentle when you are removing your make-up around your eyes, especially the mascara and the false lashes that many people are just tearing them, which is considered aggressive for the thin skin around your eyes.

Because the skin around your eyes is not capable to produce as much collagen, doesn’t produce sebum and it’s elasticity is very weak, it is the first one that shows signs of ageing.

When applying eye cream you should use your ring fingers, as they are considered the most gentle ones. Do not apply eye cream very close to the eyes, you are supposed to apply it on the bone around the eye, so you will prevent irritation.

If you ask me, I believe that eye cream is not an important step in your skincare regimen. It does nothing more to the skin than what you already have done in the steps before using moisturisers and actives in serums. If you are trying to get rid of dark circles and puffy eye, let me tell you that you should not expect from an eye cream to do this, especially speaking of dark circles. Dark circles are another topic of discussion, but if you want my advice, just use an old trick with a spoon kept in the fridge for puffy eyes and try to sleep more to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Face Oils

I want to get something straight from the start: I am speaking about face oils, not just any kind of oils. With that being said, I want to debunk a myth: if you have oily skin doesn’t mean that you should never use a face oil. It is also important what kind of oil you are using, your face might like it or not. Oil is not an important step in your skincare routine, but there are situations when you might want to use it, I have also met people that love using oils on their face and they are enjoying the feeling.

One thing I should mention before closing the oils chapter, please do not use coconut oil on your face even if you are using it just like a first step in the double cleansing process. Coconut oil has a big molecule that can clog pores so it encourages acne when it sits on the face. Even if you say that you are cleaning it well, it can leave a film on your skin that you might not be able to wash it with your usual cleanser, so I suggest just to keep it away from your face.


It is important to use a sunscreen in your morning routine. This should be your last step before applying make-up. One thing you should keep in mind is that it doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter or if you are staying just inside but close to a window, there are always UV rays that are damaging your skin if you are not protecting it with some SPF.

There are 2 types of sunscreens: mineral and chemical sunscreens and the third one is a combination between the first 2. After doing your research you can decide which one you want to use, they both have pros and cons. Nowadays are plenty of products that contain SPF so it makes it easier for us, like face powders, lip balms, foundations and so on.

I hope that this article was helpful for you and that now you have an idea of how you are supposed to use your favourite products. Because of the social media, we are adopting some trends that have no foundation and that are misleading and we are all guilty of doing so, I have to admit.

Another thing that I want to add is that I am not a dermatologist nor an aesthetician. I am just a person passionate about the beauty industry and that is constantly evolving and researching about the topic, as I believe that “Knowledge is power”. I do believe that these days we should be informed customers, that can not be fooled by some social media trends.

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