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Why You Should Ditch the Make-Up Wipes ? Here I Have 7 Reasons For You

I know, it is very convenient to use make up wipes. There are times when you arrive home very late, maybe after a party that lasted longer than you imagined or maybe you have met with a friend that you haven’t seen in ages so you stayed up all night catching up. In this case I know what you may be thinking, a make up wipe is the best idea: simple, fast and efficient and you can go to bed with your conscious clean that you have removed your make up and your skin can breathe. I feel bad that it has to be me the one that gives you the news, but you did nothing good for your skin. Think about the make up wipes as your enemy, but in a cute packaging.

I have here for you 7 reasons why you should never use make up wipes to remove your make up.

1 They are very harsh with your skin. Due to the ingredients that are usually found in makeup wipes, which believe me, they are many, they are very harsh on your skin and they are damaging your skin. Because they are supposed to remain fresh for a long time in a package all staked up on each other,  among these ingredients, there are some preservatives to stop that bacteria growth and that can cause irritation. 

2 You are encouraging wrinkles. Now this one depends on your way of using them, but because usually there are some make-up products that are harder to remove, you have a tendency to tear the skin or to tug the skin. Even worse when you are trying to get rid of that stubborn mascara and you are doing this to the skin around the eyes which is the most sensitive on. Because of these, you are encouraging the appearance of wrinkles.

3 They don’t remove your make up. Yes, on the packaging it says that they are supposed to remove your make-up, but in fact that’s not what they are doing. All that you are doing is to smear the make-up and the impurities around your face, without removing it. What you can see on the wipe is just a little bit of all the make-up that you have on your face and it gives you a false impression of clean face. Even worse if you are dealing with acne, this can clog your pores and aggravate the situation.

4 Hyperpigmentation. There are various types of hyperpigmentation. One Type of hyperpigmentation that you may have heard of, are the sunspots. But also, another type is the one caused by inflammation and irritation of the skin. A common cause for this type of hyperpigmentation is acne. I know this seems a little extreme, but also the irritation that you are causing by the harshness of the wipes, can cause hyperpigmentation.

5 They contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry and irritate your skin. 

6 If you are dealing with acne or you have oily skin, it will aggravate your situation. Because of the highly irritating ingredients that are in makeup wipes, it will dry your skin and your skin will produce more sebum as a form of protection.

7 You are not damaging just your skin but also the environment. Make-up wipes have become a very popular product due to the very convenient price and because they are a user friendly and fast solution. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with consequences for us and for the environment. The next time that you are at the store looking at make-up removers and you are very tempted to buy some make-up wipes please keep in mind that just for one wipe it can take 100 years to break down, as most of the contain polyester.

Don’t get me wrong, I do see the need for them and I agree that there are some situations that scream for make-up wipes, but it’s not an veryday solution.

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