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3 Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

The younger generation is very aware of the implications of the global warming and the consequences of our behaviour. The generation of our parents is generally not so interested in the implications of using so much plastic in our daily basis, or how are our clothes made or how the food that we are consuming is affecting our body. That’s ok. We are the ones that will make a change into the World now, we are the ones that will teach our parents now and it is important for us to stay informed, but with so much information around us it is very hard to filter it.

This is the reason why I want to share with you 3 documentaries that have changed my life and that I believe will also change yours in a positive way.

1. What the Health

I think it is one of the first documentaries about the food industry that I have ever seen and probably this is the reason why I was so touched by this documentary. I don’t want to give too much away about this, but the general idea is that it speaks about the food industry and how it wants to make us rather sick than healthy.

2. The True Cost

Fashion seems to be put on fast forward. The collections from fast fashion stores around us are changing in a blink of an eye. What you have seen today in the store, most probably tomorrow will not be there anymore and you are tempted to buy each time something new hits the market, even though you most likely wear less than half of the items you buy. But have we ever give a thought about how these items were made? Who is making the? How they are made? This is a very emotional documentary that is answering to all of these questions and so much more, that will make you think twice before you buy something.

3. A Plastic Ocean

Being such a publicized subject I believe that you already have a common knowledge about this subject, but like in most cases, it is never enough. This is a documentary that I have seen recently and I have to be honest, I’ve cried like I was watching a romantic movie. Both humans and animals are going through hard times right now, but humans seem to not b e aware of it. It is time to take action and to protect our Oceans, change begins with us!

All of the documentaries above can be found on Netflix. If you have any suggestions feel free to write me about them, I am, like usually, open to anything.

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