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Animal Print and Teddybear

I think it hasn’t been as cold as it is now since I was a child and I used to play with my neighbour’s kids outside in the snow. We were climbing a small hill that was in front of my house and we were using a plastic bag because we didn’t had a sleigh. I remember I was wearing so many layers of winter clothing that it was quite hard to move properly and I had to put so much effort in order to get on top of the hill, but this was not important for me. I was happy looking like a snowman.

Like me, maybe you weren’t ready for the cold weather that we have now, so I want to share with you this outfit that I know it seems that it won’t protect you from the cold, I promise it will. The one thing is that you’ll not look like a kid in the snow.

Let me tell you how an outfit like mine can protect you from the cold. The answer is simple: layering!


(v.): the act of wearing multiple layers of clothing directly on top of one another to stay warm in the fall and winter whilst continuing to be a fashionable motherfucker.

The concept is widely used in the fashion industry, mainly by the people attending fashion week in the colder times. Now let me tell you what are my layers and how I managed to stay warm in these cold days.

In appearance, my outfit is very simple, just a pair of over the knee boots, a pleated skirt, a cozy sweater and a furry bag, all of them in various colours of brown and creme but… underneath is another story. Underneath my skirt I have a thin pair of stockings, a pair of cotton leggings that have a similar colour with the skirt so it won’t show through the material and a pair of cotton socks. The most important think is to choose the clothing underneath to be thin enough so you can move freely but also to keep you warm. Under my teddybear sweater I have a body made out of a material that can keep me warm and a thin knitted sweater with long sleeves that is also allowing me to move freely.

The secret is simple: The clothes that you are wearing underneath have to be chosen out of a material that can keep you warm and they have to not be super fitted so they can allow you to move.


Get the look! 

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