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People to Follow on Instagram During These Times of Social Distancing

I hope that everyone is staying at home and safe these days. Being at home for a week now, I have come across some wonderfull people on social media that are trying to lift their communities by speaking and doing various at home activities so they can reduce the anxiety.

Here are some of my favourite people to follow online during these hard times, what I can call the true influencers.

1 Doina Ciobanu

Doing it is one of my favourite women from the online for quite a long time. She is Moldovan, but at the moment she lives in Milan, Italy. She is a very smart woman that is sharing her knowledge with her followers and that has always good reading recommendations.

During her days of lockdown in Milan she is doing everyday IG lives and she’s not alone because each day she has guests that are joining her and they are debating various topics such as acting, cooking, fashion, sustainability and many more. She is also documenting how she manages to live in Milan and how she is grocery shopping and cooking during these hard times.

Find her here.

2 Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli

Gabrielle is a model and entrepreneur that is also currently living in Milan. She is actually Parisian, so she speaks with a lovely French accent and she has great fashion sense. Recently she created her own clothing brand which has also a very inspiring Instagram page, La Semaine. 

She uses her large online community to share information about the situation in Milan and in Paris and she is also spreading positivity, good vibes and useful information. 

At the moment she is also trying to engage her community in online activities in order to stay sane on her brand page and she created a weekly schedule involving yoga classes, beauty and cooking. 

Find her here.

And now I want to share some Romanian Influencers for my Romania readers. 🇷🇴

3 Dana Rogoz


Dana Rogoz este actrita si mama. Are un baiat pe nume Vlad si mai asteapta un copil, o fetita. Dana este o alta persoana din online pe care o admir, pentru pozitivitatea ei, pentru doza de energie pe care o transmite chiar si prin intermediul postarilor sale si pentru initiativa sa de a citi povesti live pe pagina sa de Facebook celor mici.  

Cred ca stie cel mai bine cat de greu este pentru majoritatea parintilor care acum au ramas singuri si trebuie sa gaseasca activitati captivante dar si educative pentru cei mici. Ea isi foloseste maiestria si citeste in fiecare zi live pe Facebook de la ora 16:00 cate o poveste oferind un moment de ragaz parintilor. 

O poti urmari aici.

4 Stefana Suciu

Stefana este mezina topului meu de astazi, insa doar referindu-ma la varsta. Suntem foarte apropiate ca si varsta si am inceput sa o urmaresc in vara lui 2019. Pe langa pozele absolut superbe din calatoriile sale in jurul lumii cu care ne inspira, incurajeaza foarte tare educatia. Ofera in fiecare zi buna dispozitie si pozitivitate prin intermediul platformei sale si abordeaza diferite teme de actualitate dar si recomanda carti foarte bune. 

Pasiunea sa este turismul si a inceput de curand un proiect in acest domeniu, tocmai din acest motiv continutul ei este concentrat pe travel, insa acum vorbeste si despre implicatiile pandemiei in acest domeniu. 

O poti urmari aici

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