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Get Your Dose of Culture Online #StayHome

Now more than ever we need a sense of unity in the World. I believe that only by supporting each other and using our individual powers we can make this period of transition much easier to handle.

Teathers, Operas, Universities and Museums around the World are opening their virtual doors to us. Now it’s your chance to go to the theatre you always wanted to but it was too far to take so many days off to go, it’s time to learn something new and to virtual travel around the world. It can be your very own vacation in a foreign country from your living room. Now, I know it is hard to beat a real life experience and seeing everything with your own eyes just a couple of meters away but this is another story. You can have the experience of watching a production by Odeón Theatre from Paris, or to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or even take a course at Harvard University! All from the comfort of your couch. 


The Louvre 

Amongst the Museums that you can visit online this is the only one that I have been to in real life during the time I was living in Paris. The grandeur of this building is breathtaking and for sure you’re not able to see everything that this Museum has to offer in one day. Here is the place where the famous Mona Lisa painting is. If you ever have the chance to go in the near future, for EU citizens under 26yo the entrance is free of charge so if you are from this category you are lucky, you can see some of the most beautiful art pieces, artefacts and furniture in the World for free. 
The museum has 4 virtual tours on their website at the moment and here’s what you can see: 
  • Exhibition: The Advent of the Artist
  • Egyptian Antiquities
  • Remains in the Louvre’s Moat 
  • Galerie d’Apollo 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Going to New York from a European country is quite expensive and it is something that not all of us can do. But you don’t have to be in New York to visit the MET. The museum provides virtual tours and you can see some of it’s first collections including paintings from Vincent Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. Beside that, the museum is working also with the Google Cultural Institute so you can see more artwork from the museum’s collections besides the ones that you can see on their website.  


 I am starting with my Romanian readers now, as there are many great theatres around the country that are making efforts to keep the population entertained: 

🇷🇴 Să nu credeți că România nu are ce să vă arate. Teatrele din țară fac eforturi pentru a ajunge în casele noastre, virtual. 

Teatrul Național din Timișoara

Teatrul Național din Timișoara își împarte clădirea cu Opera Națională din Timișoara, Teatrul German de Stat și cu Teatrul Maghiar de Stat „Csiky Gergely”.

Fiind din Timișoara, este o instituție pe care eu o vizitez des, de multe ori aleg să merg la teatru în locul unui film la cinematograf. Am văzut foarte multe spectacole aici, motiv pentru care pot să ți le recomand cu drag. Spectacolele se difuzeaza pe canalul lor de YouTube în fiecare seară de miercuri, vineri și duminică de la ora 20:00, iar spectacolele rămân disponibile până pe data de 1 mai. Programul spectacolelor îl găsești la ei pe site.


Teatrul Național Radu Stanca Sibiu 

După cum spun ei ” Scena TNRS se mută online”. TNRS transmite live atât pe pagina lor de Facebook , pe canalul de YouTube al teatrului cât și pe site-ul propriu. Pe lângă spectacole, dacă ai copii se pot bucura de “Fotoliul cu povești și poezie” de luni până vineri de la 20:30, iar programul îl găsești pe site-ul lor dar și pe pagina de Facebook. 

Am urmărit și eu în data de 21 martie un spectacol online de la TNRSS, “D’ale Carnavalului” în regia lui Silviu Purcărete, în care a jucat și actrița Ofelia Popii, câștigătoare a trei premii UNITER și recompensată cu un premiu Gopo pentru “cea mai bună actriță în rol principal” în filmul Q.E.D în 2015.  

Teatrul Național Cluj-Napoca

Dacă ești din Cluj și îți făcea mare plăcere să mergi la teatrul din orșul tău, ei bine acum teatrul vine la tine acasă! Pentru spectatorii săi Teatrul Național Cluj-Napoca   a pregătit o selecție de spectacole, vizionarea fiind gratuită, iar calendarul de difuzare al spectacolelor online îl găsești la ei pe site. Spectacolele sunt valabile 23 de ore începând cu ora 19:00. 

Din repertoriul Teatrului Național Cluj-Napoca îți pot spune că am văzut online Chiriza în Concert (2019) și mi-a adus zâmbetul pe buze, a fost un spectacol amuzant, în plus transmisiunea este foarte bună, atât sunetul cât și imaginea sunt foarte clare!  

Teatrul Unteatru

După cum spun ei, Teatrul Unteatru s-a născut din entuziasmul regizorilor Andreea și Andrei Grosu în anul 2010. Au ales să se stabileasca într-o casă din București unde oamenii sunt martori la întâlnirea teatrului cu sentimentul de acasă, iar acum Unteatru chiar vine la tine acasă! 

Te poți bucura de spectacolele lor online, programul îl găsești la Unteatru pe site, iar prețul unui bilet este de aproximativ 40 lei. 

Nu am reușit încă să urmăresc un spectacol de-al lor, însă am auzit foarte mulți oameni care susțin acest teatru și care recomandă spectacolele lor, cu siguranță este pe lista mea de dorințe. 


Now I am coming back to you, my dear English speaking reader.



The German theatre based in Berlin has made its repertory available online. They are realising a new production daily and some of them have also English or French subtitles, so it’s not a problem if your German is a little rusty, you still can enjoy some of their productions. You can find the schedule online on their website. They also stream some of Thomas Ostermeier’s works, including Hamlet on the 1st of April and it has English subtitles! 


Odéon Theatre 

The well known theatre from Paris it’s opening his doors for the citizens of the world! The theatre is one of the six national theatres that France has and located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. I had the chance of only seeing it from outside, but I missed the opportunity of seeing a production there. Now it’s my chance actually. 
Right now you can watch a version of Molière’s The School of Wives directed by Stéphane Braunschweig, but they promised that more work is going to come. They also have avaiable some podcasts as well a documentary about how the set design of Simon Stone’s Three Sisters was made. Everything is available on there website


Immersive LDN

The team from Immersive LDN has announced that they will host a Housetrap Theatre & Arts Festival on the 3rd of April from 6:30 pm (GMT + 1) until midnight. The Festival is donation based, so you can give as much or as little as you can and the money will be shared between performers. The concept of this festival is to bring performers from their home into our homes. You can fin the link here



The Royal Opera House 

The Royal Opera House from London has prepared a schedule of ballet and opera for us that are in lockdown, that we can watch from the comfort of our homes. Like most of the online cultural content that I have mentioned it is absolutely free via the ROH’s Facebook and YouTubechannels. ROH’s schedule can be found on their website



The Metropolitan Opera 

The Met Opera is another institution that is here to bring culture combined with entertainment in our homes during these difficult times. They are streaming for free everyday on their website. Each performance it is available for 23 hours from 7:30 pm (EDT) until 6:30 pm the next day. On their audience request they created a donation feature on they website so if their audience want to support them, they can. 

Opéra National de Paris 

Opéra National de Paris was founded in 1669 by Louis XIV . According to Wikipedia, Each year, the Paris Opera presents about 380 performances of opera, ballet and other concerts, to a total audience of about 800,000 people (of whom 17% come from abroad) and no you can be one of the 17% of people watching their productions! They stream live on their website each Monday at 19:30. 

Besides watching the performances from the Opéra, you can also go on a virtual tour of Palais Garnier  on Google Arts & Culture

Staatsoper Berlin

The State Opera of Berlin is also closed due to cancellation of performances, but they are still virtually open. You can find their online repertoire on the website. As far as I understood there is no fix schedule of performances, I have to be frank with you and tell you that I don’t know a single German word, so I haven’t had the pleasure to watch any of them, but it has been recommended to me,, so here I am recommending it to you!  




Reading Books for Free

If you are an avid reader, maybe you have heard or maybe not, that Scribd has 30 days free trial. You can read for the next 30 days books for free or you can listen to an audiobook. After the 30 days, it will be 8.99$/month but you can cancel anytime. 

Free Courses from Universities Around the Globe

Have you ever wanted to have an academic experience at a foreign University? Well now it’s your chance. 190 universities around the Globe launched 600 free online courses that you can take. It’s all just a click away and there are as many subjects as you can imagine. Like I told you before,  this period is the perfect time to learn something new and if cooking and learning new board games isn’t for you and you are more into studying, this is perfect for you. 



Duolingo is an app that I have been using recently to help me start learning a new language. It can be a start for you as well to learn a completely new language. It is user-friendly and  it has modules, so it can be easier for you to track your performances and they are on different topics such as: Travel, Family, Restaurant and so on, basics that you might need when you are travelling to that specific country. At the moment I am taking a Spanish course here and as weird as it sounds, no, I haven’t watched any Spanish Telenovelas so unlike many Romanians, I did not know a single word in Spanish. It is also free and you can find it on App Store and Google Play. 

Google Arts & Culture

This is one of my favourite apps so far, you can explore museums around the World, theatres, operas and many more from the comfort of your home using only your phone. Walk on the street of Monmartre Paris, explore Runway Looks, visit the Saint Louis Zoo to see the penguins, You can travel around the globe and through art with this app.  

Sketches done by my good friend Erik, check his socials down below! ✌🏻

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