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My Favourite Make-Up Artists ATM

Ugh, how much I love make-up… I was a make-up fanatic since a young age. No, I am not a make-up artist and I have never seen it like it could be a job for me, I have always done it because it kept my creative mind busy and it was a way for me to let things out. Like everyone who is passionate about something, I try to learn from the best ones and there is also where I find my inspiration sometimes.  I am in a never-ending process of research and discovering new people probably every week, but I have a few that I truly like at the moment and that I follow closely. 

I want to share them with you and I want to encourage you to send me your favourite make-up artists or just make-up passionates . 


Claudia Neacșu is a Romanian makeup artist based in Bucharest.  At the young age of 19 she was the winner of the international competition The New Talent. She has worked with big names from the industry such as Sephora, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Iconic London, Mac and many more. 

She loves doing editorial looks but one thing that I truly appreciate about her way of doing makeup is the fact that she always enhances the beauty of her model and she never tries to cover it or change it. She embraces the features of the faces and even if she uses bold eye looks, it somehow looks very natural. 

Isabelle De Vries

Isabelle De Vries is an Australian based makeup artist with amazing creative spirit. She is an internationally recognised makeup artist with many awards that she can be proud of.  She has a very specific style that personally I can recognise very easily whenever I see it. She’s not the kind of makeup to follow trends, she stays true to herself and one thing that I believe it is right up her alley are the glazed eye looks and the beautifully coloured  feathery lashes. She has also designed lashes that compliment her style and you can purchase them here

Nikki Makeup

Nikki is a London based makeup artist that is working since 2004. She is a graduate of London College of Fashion and she worked with some heavy celebrity  and photographers names. 

Nikki has also a series on her Instagram stories names #SundayTutorials where she shows her process of creating a makeup look. For me it is a pleasure to watch her work, as I can learn new techniques to use but I also discover new products that I have never heard before. She is always an inspiration for me, her looks are vibrant and super creative.

She has also created a line of lashes with the brand Sweed and you can find them here.

Ali Andreea 

Ali Andreea is also a Romanian Makeup Artist. She is in the industry for over 15 years and now she is based in Paris. The reason why she moved to Paris, the capital of Fashion is actually another amazing Romanian Woman, Anastasia Soare, the founder of the well known brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. Andreea took a job offered by ABH as a makeup artist for the brand in Paris and she is living there ever since. She has also a YouTube channel with over 700K followers, that inspires me all the time, it is a place where I always go when I seek for information and she taught me through this platform very much about makeup and about the way she achieves flawless looks. 

Andreea also shares on her Instagram account great places to visit in Paris and she gives food recommendations, so if you want to see a little bit of that also, she is what you are looking for. 

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