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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning brushes is always time consuming a little too much work if you ask me. I always try to convince myself to start cleaning them each time because I mostly don’t feel like it. As much as a pain as it is, it is absolutely necessary. Using brushes that aren’t clean can cause serious skin issues.

Not sanitising your tools can make your makeup to look dull and with uneven patches but also it can clog your pores, it can ease the development of bacteria and fungi and you can even end up dealing with staph infections, acne or pink eye. It’s a very serious matter!

Makeup artists are very rigorous concerning this subject as it is their reputation in line as well the well-being of their clients so I have decided to search about the brush sanitiser that is most used amongst them. It is very important to treat take care of your brushes and use suited cleansers so you will not damage the bristles. 


Internationally, I have seen this Instant Brush Cleanser from Make Up For Ever popping up quite often, I even saw it in different articles online and it seems to be a very loved product. You can find it at Sephora and it is very efficient if you want to quickly sanitise your brushes before you start your everyday makeup or if you don’t have many brushes on hand and you want to switch colours. 
Although this is a wonderful product, in my opinion you still should wash your brushes once in a while with water and some kind of detergent, but we will get into that in a second.

On a national level (Romania) I have seen this brush cleanser being used by multiple make-up artists. The only thing that can be a little unpractical about it is that it comes in a big bottle, so if you are not the person to have many brushes and do your make-up on a daily basis maybe this isn’t the product for you. On another hand it has a great price and it is very efficient, you can also find it online here



Now let me tell you about how I clean my brushes and what I use. I know there are out there great detergents particularly made for cleaning your makeup brushes, but my favourite thing to use is the plain old soap bar. I have put together a video where you can see my technique that I use.

The video is up on my IGTV and I have a direct link here for you so you can check it out!

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