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Hello there! 

Welcome to my world! A place where fashion meets beauty and they create emotion through poetry and visuals.

My name is Raluca, I live in Timisoara, a city from Romania, in the European Union. I was born on the 24th of February in the year of 99 in a small city named Cugir and one thing fun about my birthday is that on the 24th of February in my country we celebrate our kind of Valentine’s Day, named Dragobete. 

What you need to know about me? Well, I am and I was since I was born a very creative person, all the time matching clothes and DIY-ing something, my favourite activity when I was a child was actually seeing and painting. Sewing… I know. Unusual activity for a child, I know. I was so in love with fashion that actually my first word wasn’t mom, neither dad, it was clothes

The story of this online world that I have created started more or less when I was 13 years old. I was very into fashion and I was following various fashion bloggers around the world regularly. I was so fascinated about the way they can express themselves through images, videos, music and writing all in one place: an online platform. My blog looks nothing like it did back then and my interests have changed and evolved through the years, but yet here I am still sharing my online world with the people that are bold enough to enter it. If you are reading this, well I just want to say thank you and congrats, you are my type! 


Fashion related activities

Glamour Street Fashion Show – 2016

Fashion Fridays Fair (designer) – 2016

Feeric Fashion Week (blogger) – 2018

Feeric Fashion Week (blogger) – 2019

Paris Fashion Week SS2020 – 2019

With love,